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Affordable Properties in Pattaya

Pattaya, a city in Thailand that boasts of having the longest coastline in the country, is an unspoiled jewel by nature. Bordered on one side by mountains and the other by the sea, it has long been attracting tourists from all over the world looking to relax and enjoy its pristine beaches, Prestige properties in Pattaya Real Estate, and natural beauty.

Growing gradually since its humble beginnings as a fishing community, today Pattaya has emerged as a top choice among many property buyers for several reasons. Here’s why:

1) Affordability: While real estate properties in Bangkok are almost exclusively being sold at sky-high rates with no sign of slowing down any time soon, Pattaya offers affordable condos for sale that have made this city popular among local residents who want to have the convenience of living in the city but opt to reside outside the capital for less complicated living.

2) Location: The city’s location allows buyers to live near work and commute conveniently, thanks to its proximity to Bangkok. It takes only about 1-1/2 hours or more depending on traffic conditions, making Pattaya a perfect choice for those who wish to escape from the crowded streets of Bangkok every now and then yet remain close enough for convenient commuting.

3) Seaviews: Some condos in Pattaya are designed with sea views that pamper residents with soothing sights of nearby bodies of water along with spectacular sunsets. If you love spending quiet evenings enjoying natural views and cool sea breezes, this is a perfect place for you.

4) New developments: Unlike many other major cities in Thailand where most real estate projects are years old and have exhausted much of their selling potential, Pattaya still has a large number of new condo projects just now being completed as well as those that are already built but not yet up for sale. In addition to providing excellent opportunities for buyers, this is also a very good sign that paves the way for better stability of property prices in the future.

5) Shopping malls: Pattaya offers numerous shopping malls which provide a wide variety of goods and services catering to local residents as well as visitors from all over Thailand and beyond. Add these shopping destinations to the fact that Namchai Field Ocean World is located near Pattaya, and you have a perfect choice for pampering yourself with fun activities.

6) Medical services: Thanks to the growing number of private clinics in Pattaya that provide quality medical services at an affordable price, this city has become home to both locals and expats who need more affordable yet still high-quality health care services. And with many foreigners taking up residence here, the English language is widely spoken too, further adding convenience to the lives of local residents.

7) Schools: With most four-year universities located in Bangkok which are not too far away from Pattaya by car or bus, studying in Thailand’s capital is becoming more popular among students looking for an excellent academic experience while being able to enjoy life in a less crowded and more affordable city. Many of these universities offer Pattaya house rentals near their institutions too, making it even more convenient for students who wish to pursue higher education but can’t afford expensive housing in Bangkok.

8) Attractions: Perhaps most deserving of mention is the fact that Pattaya offers a host of attractions and activities such as visiting museums and historical sites, pampering yourself at spas and massage parlors, enjoying culinary delights from around the world, having fun playing water sports or gambling at an award-winning casino resort, going on fishing tours or snorkeling excursions all over the world, sampling delicious cuisines from fine dining establishments as well as street food stands, watching cultural performances and shows featuring

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