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Make a Perfect Smile by Teeth Whitening Treatment

Discolouring of teeth is a very common phenomenon. This discoloration happens due to a number of reasons. Discolouring is not a life-threatening condition but it certainly affects your looks and your confidence levels. A white and bright smile is an essential facial charm that attracts people towards you.

Make a perfect smile by teeth whitening treatment

Most people wait for a few years before they can deal with the problem. They realize that they will have to undergo surgery to fix the problem. This is when they will really appreciate the way things looked before. Unfortunately, many people wait for too long before dealing with the problem.

Many adults spend money on fake teeth and cavities before going to a dentist. Imperfections and defects are inserted in their mouth. The money is spent but it does not restore the health of the mouth. Many people do not want to take the time for a dentist.

Since teeth whitening treatment is becoming very popular, people are getting their money’s worth. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming very popular among people from every age group. Find out why so many people are opting for this treatment.

o The results of bleaching can last up to three years. This is remarkable.

o Teeth whitening treatment is safe and it does not involve any sort of injection.

o If the person goes for home teeth whitening kit, he can use this for a few weeks but he can do so only in the initial stages of the discoloration.

o Dentists also offer take-home teeth whitening kits. These are prescription ones and they use mild bleaching agents. These mild products are available in the form of a gel. The gel is placed in a mouth tray. The patient is supposed to wear this tray for a certain period of time in the morning and at night. He will be able to notice a difference within a week.

o A professional tooth whitening can be done through laser treatment. This is an expensive option but it is also the most effective.

o There are many teeth whitening products such as pastes, gels, trays, strips, and rinses available over the counter. They do not use any chemical bleaching agent for whitening the teeth. They use natural ingredients like hydrogen peroxide.

Tooth whitening is a great solution for those who fear going to a dentist for treatment. Natural teeth cleaning treatments can help in reducing the discoloration of the teeth. There are no side effects of teeth whitening treatment as they are done at home. The results of these treatments are more effective than what you get with teeth whitening treatment is done by a dentist.

How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

The chemical used in teeth whitening treatment is carbamide peroxide. It is a very strong chemical compound that breaks down into hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide becomes the active bleaching ingredient. Oxygen enters the enamel and dentin and bleaches the colored substances.

Why Are Other Teeth Discolored?

There are many reasons other than tooth color that cause teeth to be discolored. These reasons include aging, consumption of large amounts of fluorides, prescription drugs, trauma, and even excessive consumption of sugars.

How White Can My Teeth Be?

With all the products on the market today, you can achieve a reasonable degree of whiteness. The products available over-the-counter include gels, whitening strips, and simple whitening toothpaste.

The amount of whiteness that is possible with any of these products will vary. The bleaching agent used by most of these products can be applied for one to two weeks to achieve the results that you want. But, if you are concerned with the amount of white that your teeth are getting, you can ask your dentist to provide you with a customized whitening plan for your teeth. This process will take more time but it may be possible to achieve a nine-shade increase in whiteness.

Why Are My Teeth Discolored?

Teeth become discolored because of many different reasons. For some, age plays a major role. Just think about how many years older you become as you get older. Your teeth will naturally become older because of the wear on your teeth caused by normal eating and drinking habits.

But, aside from age, there are other factors that cause teeth discoloration. If you are a habitual smoker, then your teeth will be stained fairly quickly. This is something that is best avoided if you want a whiter smile. But, if you are not, then staining is somewhat inevitable.

Aside from age, teeth discoloration is caused by your consuming habits. If you drink a lot of dark beverages such as tea, coffee, and cola, then your teeth will become yellowed fairly quickly.

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