About the Settlements

About the Settlements

The Settlements reached with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, the majority of Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, Aetna, CIGNA, Health Net Inc., Prudential Insurance Company of America, Anthem/WellPoint, and Humana Inc. include industry leading improvements to physician-related business practices as well as cash payments to physicians in accordance with terms outlined within the Agreements. The terms of the Settlements helped to streamline communication between physicians and these companies, to reduce administrative complexity in the claims payment system and to improve the quality of the health care delivery system. These business practice changes resulted in increased predictability and speed of claims payment, creating significant value for physicians by reducing time-consuming and costly administrative burdens and giving physicians and their office staffs more time to focus on their central mission -- providing health care to patients.

In addition to these business practice changes, the HMO Settlements provide for funding for two separate not-for-profit foundations dedicated to improving the quality of health care in America. For more information about the Physicians' Foundation for Health Systems Excellence and the Physicians' Foundation for Health Systems Innovations please go to www.physiciansfoundation.org.

Health Insurers Continue to Follow Their Agreements

Although the settlement agreements have expired, many health insurers have volunteered to continue business practices originally required under their agreements. Click on the links below to review the specific commitments that each plan has made.

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